On December 9, 2017 in the presence of over 3,000 guests, diplomats, tourism and culture experts, the official ceremony for the new GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS  has taken place.

On the rostrum were in attendance personalities like: Prime Minister of Government of Cambodia H.E. Academician Hun Sen, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Prime Minister Mark Doda, over 300 diplomats and world leaders etc.


The world has a new world leader in development through tourism: Cambodia`s Prime Minister HUN SEN:  Global Ambassador for World Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals.


Speech on the occasion of Samdech Techo’s Appointment as “Global Goodwill Ambassador for World Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals 2030” and the Designation of “Phnom Penh: The World Capital of Tourism and Culture

–     Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT)

–    Excellencies, Ladies, Gentlemen!

Today, I am delighted to participate in the ceremony to celebrate the awarding of the status “Phnom Penh: The World Capital of Tourism and Culture” to Phnom Penh capital along with my appointment as “Global Goodwill Ambassador for Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.”


Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the European Council on Tourism and Trade for supporting Cambodia and electing Cambodia as “World Best Tourist Destination” in 2016. Today, Cambodia is honored again on the occasion Phnom Penh is awarded “World Capital of Tourism and Culture” and my appointment “the Global Ambassador for Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.”



At the same time, I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation to Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade and his colleagues for the decision to award this meaningful status to Phnom Penh capital that help promote further tourism and tourism development in Cambodia.

Thunderous applause for the new GLOBAL AMBASSADOR: Prime Minister of Cambodia H.E. Academician HUN SEN



In addition, I also appreciate great cooperation between Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the European Council on Tourism and Trade for organizing this event.

I also wish to express my appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism for the effort to promote tourism development to date with the great sense of responsibility in accordance with strategic direction of the Royal Government while Cambodia has been enjoying complete peace, stability, security, and progress in all sectors.


–    Excellencies, Ladies, Gentlemen!


Cambodia is very fortunate that our ancestors left us the temple of Angkor which has become the world heritage of humanity and the wonder of the world, the temple of Preah Vihear and the temple of Sambor Prei Kuk  which have outstanding universal value, and thousands of other temples across the country and vast natural resources such as beaches, river, waterfall, beaches that haven been the status as the world most beautiful beaches, Mekong’s freshwater dolphins, ecotourism in the northeastern and southwestern Cambodia, Tonle Sap Lake, traditions and customs and natural friendliness of the people.

Those factors help Cambodia live up to its international recognition as “Kingdom of Wonder.

In this sense, Cambodia has identified “Culture and Nature” as the values of its tourism which is now a major tourist destination in Asia and Southeast Asia, a region characterized by high tourism growth.

Peace factor is imperative along with our effort to implement our strategic plans and policies. In this sense, I wish to give three recommendations on the sustainable development of tourism sector as follows:

First, security is the key determinant of the growth in all sectors. In fact, the awarding of above status to Cambodia takes place after dark period of chronic war, genocide and divide caused by foreign interference, especially the cold war ideology. Sacrifice, loss of life and property, hardship, tragedy beyond description Cambodia must face with so many years in order to achieve peace, national unification and harmony nowadays. Today, in spite of complete peace and national unification under one constitution, one King, and one government, Cambodia is still unable to overcome both tangible and intangible consequence of the past war and tragedy. Therefore, Cambodia must protect peace at any cost because “peace is imperative for the achievement of sustainable development goals 2030”

Second, working together for tourism development which is an importance driving force of economic growth.  Overall, we must manage tourism sector appropriately to maximize the benefits and redistribute the fruit of growth equitably aimed at ensuring participation from all related parties. In this sense, I give my support to the Ministry of Tourism in producing the 2018-2030 Tourism Development Strategic Plan and the formulation of the​ ​master plan for tourism development at important tourist sites and I also welcome the strengthening of the capital/provincial tourism development committees in order to encourage the private participation because good governance at the local level is the foundation of sustainable tourism development.

Third, we must ensures the positive relation between the tourism sector and the planet earth toward greener future in 2030.  The Ministry of Tourism must continue to cooperate with related ministries/institutions, the private sector, and media to raise awareness on the benefits of sustainable tourism, the link between tourism and the conservation and protection of environment, natural resource and culture. Overall, we must promote the respect for nature and culture and raise awareness on the importance of tourism in economic development and “clean city, clean resort, good service, good hospitality” contest etc.


These recommendations will contribute to further development of tourism sector, underpin growth in other sectors and ensure socio-economic development and cultural and environment conservation.

I am confident that Cambodia as well as Phnom Penh will continue to be a great tourist destination with natural smile of the Cambodian people to live up to its name as the kingdom of wonder.


Finally, along with the celebration of “Phnom Penh: World Capital of Tourism and Culture”, and my appointment as “the Global Goodwill Ambassador for Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals 2030.”, I wish Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and all participants the four gems of Buddha’s blessings Longevity, Nobility, Healthiness and Strength.

Thank you!


During two days (20-22 March 2015), European Council on Tourism and Trade had become the capital center of sparkling wine makers and sparkling wine lovers in search of the best sparkling wines that Europe and the world can offer.

Good Wine March 2015 edition, had offered for a delegation of wine experts, parliamentarians and diplomats from European Council on Tourism and Trade the opportunity to taste and appreciate the European sparkling wines on display and to carve up a top of Best European Sparkling Wines of 2015.

Ambsasadorul Kazahstanului viziteaza CASA PANCIU

At house at…HOUSE OF PANCIU (from left to right): H.E. Kazakhstan Ambssador-Daulet Batrashev, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-ECTT President, Mr. Marian Nistor-HORECA Developer and Marketing Solution-House of Panciu, European Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei, Mrs. Emilia Oprea-European Mediation Council, Mr. Karen Baboian-General Director Diplomatic Club Magazine.

The clear winners where the sparkling wines of the famous producer HOUSE OF PANCIU (CASA PANCIU), who reconfirmed his status as perfect wine maker in the sparkling wine tasting of 2015:  the MUSCAT OTTONEL was once again appraised for his perfect bouquet of aromas of vanilla and berry fruits and for freshness and the round savory taste. All this specificity is creating for the every person who taste the sparkling wine, the perfect experience of European wine.

The second star of the tasting session was the sparkling wine from Muscat Ottonel and Royal Girl(Feteasca Regala) obtained by Asti method that eloquently proved his high quality by his perfect sugar concentration combined outstanding with fresh fruits aroma (grapefruit and pommel) and with conquering and long-lasting savour that filled with joy the heart of all the diplomats present on the venue.

The HoReCA Developer from CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU)-Mr. Marian Nistor offered a special surprise for his guests, presenting for tasting the latest product of Vrancea based company: Rose Sparkling Wine 2013, based on Babeasca (Old Lady) grape variety, who become an instant favorite of the public based on aroma and freshness, and charmed the eyes of the beholders with the perfect color and become in glasses a glittering rose that offered instant joy to the tasting committee.


European Sparkling Wine Top put the sparkling wines of France, known as champagne, only on 4th position.

Concluding the wine tasting session, at Good Wine March 2015, the diplomats, lead by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade put on their favorite list the sparkling wines: MUSCAT OTTONEL (first place), on the second place stood the sparkling wine combination of Muscat Ottonel and Royal Girl (Feteasca regala) and finally the new comer in the competition:  Babeasca Sparkling Wine (Old Lady) from Casa Panciu (third place).

The diplomats involved in the tasting had encouraged the European sparkling wine producers to increase the wine quality by producing more sweet and semi-sweet sparkling wines, the perfect combination that already conquered the European markets for a consistent export and presence of European wines on international markets.


Under the watchful eye of Casa Panciu sommelier and with benevolent care of Mr. Marian Nistor- HoReCA Developer, the diplomats had enjoyed the best sparkling wines Europe can offer: from CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU).

Thanks to the efforts of the  HOUSE OF PANCIU-CASA PANCIU-the 13 International Wine Fair from March 2015 had kept his promise to present the true sparkling wine treasures of Europe: Muscat Ottonel, Feteasca Regala and Babeasca from Casa Panciu.