For 18000 years, wine grapes have been cultivated in Europe this is how European council on Tourism and Trade President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea started the ceremonies for Wine Tourism Day.

Europe is marked down by historians and archaeologists alike together with the Middle East in the greater the Mediterranean region under the sobriquet of “Cradle of Wine”,

From immemorial times wine tourism has being recognized as a center of tourism and tourist attractions.

The first recollection of wine as a driving force for tourism comes from Roman Republic and later Roman Empire when roman citizens where regularly heading towards Campagna province and Naples to taste the wine and discover the regions.

In today world wine is recognized as an essential segment of the tourism industry.

Authorities and companies from wine regions and tourism destinations have realized that the benefits of wine tourism extend well beyond the cellar door to all areas of the regional economy.

In a new concept carved-out by European Council on Tourism and Trade we blended history, wine, food, tourism and the arts in order to create the core elements of the wine tourism product experience.

This program was presented as a lifestyle package for world-wide wine tourists in the framework of EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE IIIrd  BUCHAREST WINE EXHIBITION (29 March April 3rd 2017).

The Bucharest held WINE EXHIBITION presented a perfect occasion for wine lovers and tourism wine aficionados to meet the best of what world and European wine industry has to offer.

The first day of the conference was destined to the presentation of tourism packages and tourism destinations from across the world and in the second day the heart of the tourism wine: wine itself was appreciated and tasted.

On the second day of the International Wine Fair, the diplomats accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade, representing countries well branded as wine importers, had made a stop over to the diplomatic partner stand: DOMENIILE PANCIU, the creator of European flagship wines: EUROPEAN DIPLOMATIC WINE.

On the spot, the foreign dignitaries were greeted not only with good wine but also with sparkling wine that open the appetite for discussions and made the guest inquire more about the legendary land of Vrancea, a Romanian Champagne look a like.

PANCIU DOMAINS (DOMENIILE PANCIU) is the new name under which the Vrancea winemaker`s from CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU) has decided to conquer the world with the new phenomenon of sparkling wines.

The new names highlighted on the international sparkling wines market are: Blanc de Blancs and Cuvée Prestige, both commercialized on limited editions, available only on HORECA and specialized wine stores.

The diplomats on the venue requested an opening of the tasting with the famous Cuvée Prestige and the PANCIU DOMAINS representative acknowledge the request and started a detailed presentation of the new and enticing sparkling wine.

To achieve a perfect balanced and special sparkling wine: Domeniile Panciu Cuvée Prestige, the winemaker`s blended in the perfect XVII century tradition of Dom Perignon wines from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and for a touch of modernity added some Fetească Regală (Royal Girl).

The sparkling wine is fully complying with the world known classic recipe of Dom Perignon, the friar who invented the perfect fizzy wine.

The magnificent beverage is the result of bottled secondary fermentation coupled with special cave maturation during 18 months and disgorging  „à la volée” (without bottle refrigeration) that is fully preserving the exceptional flavor and created a sparkling wine of amazing quality and benefiting the uniqueness of Panciu area terroir.

The colour is yellowish and with pastry flavour that is transforming slowly in a after-taste of honey and dried fruits.

The specialized tasters are describing the palate as profound and rich with aromas of dried apricot, roasted nuts and a pinch of  tropical fruits that evolves in a after-taste long-lasting and reinvigorating that is making us day dreaming on fines french pastry.

The second beverage on the tasting list, a result of the legendary Vrancioaia son`s ability, was Blanc de Blancs (the french for: White of Whites).

Here also, the spokesperson for DOMENIILE PANCIU has quite some stories to tell with good measure to do so as Blanc de Blancs is considered the most refined of all the sparkling wines ever created with classic methods.

On the account of the specificity of the land (terroir) of Panciu vineyard, the wine used to make the sparkling wine has developed unique capabilities unmatched in the world, specific to the high acidity lands.

The bottle fermentation and ageing process, in special conditions for a period of over 18 months, are bringing to the glasses a special aromatic sparkling wine, full of palates ranging from of lily of the valley, white flower fields and lime, all surrounded in discrete mineral aroma and flavour of freshly baked bread out of the oven.

The specialized tasters are describing the taste as fresh and balanced with a mixed of green apples, asian pear, roasted nuts and pomelo.

The Royal Vineyard of DOMENIILE PANCIU by HOUSE OF PANCIU are heading towards a bright future and the new creations outlined for 2017: Blanc de Blancs and Cuvée Prestige are entering in the highest luxury category of sparkling wines.

This by tacking into account factors like: aroma, classic methods used in creating them, incomparable craftmanship of Panciu winemaker`s and incredible aroma of the wines used.

Joyful atmosphere and pleasant wine tasting at diplomatic visit to DOMENIILE PANCIU (PANCIU DOMAINS stand)

Concluding the tasting session, the diplomats present on the venue stated in one voice that: sparkling and still wines of DOMENIILE PANCIU (PANCIU DOMAINS) are an illustration of all that is best in European wine-making, on equal footing with once famous French sparkling wines.

The event convened over 2000 participants, including representatives from the Ministries, Destination Management Organizations (DMOS), Destination Marketing Organizations, National Tourism Organizations (NTOS), and wine and tourism experts from 20 countries.

More PR and news about EUROPEAN DIPLOMATIC WINE can be read out here:







During two days (20-22 March 2015), European Council on Tourism and Trade had become the capital center of sparkling wine makers and sparkling wine lovers in search of the best sparkling wines that Europe and the world can offer.

Good Wine March 2015 edition, had offered for a delegation of wine experts, parliamentarians and diplomats from European Council on Tourism and Trade the opportunity to taste and appreciate the European sparkling wines on display and to carve up a top of Best European Sparkling Wines of 2015.

Ambsasadorul Kazahstanului viziteaza CASA PANCIU

At house at…HOUSE OF PANCIU (from left to right): H.E. Kazakhstan Ambssador-Daulet Batrashev, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-ECTT President, Mr. Marian Nistor-HORECA Developer and Marketing Solution-House of Panciu, European Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei, Mrs. Emilia Oprea-European Mediation Council, Mr. Karen Baboian-General Director Diplomatic Club Magazine.

The clear winners where the sparkling wines of the famous producer HOUSE OF PANCIU (CASA PANCIU), who reconfirmed his status as perfect wine maker in the sparkling wine tasting of 2015:  the MUSCAT OTTONEL was once again appraised for his perfect bouquet of aromas of vanilla and berry fruits and for freshness and the round savory taste. All this specificity is creating for the every person who taste the sparkling wine, the perfect experience of European wine.

The second star of the tasting session was the sparkling wine from Muscat Ottonel and Royal Girl(Feteasca Regala) obtained by Asti method that eloquently proved his high quality by his perfect sugar concentration combined outstanding with fresh fruits aroma (grapefruit and pommel) and with conquering and long-lasting savour that filled with joy the heart of all the diplomats present on the venue.

The HoReCA Developer from CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU)-Mr. Marian Nistor offered a special surprise for his guests, presenting for tasting the latest product of Vrancea based company: Rose Sparkling Wine 2013, based on Babeasca (Old Lady) grape variety, who become an instant favorite of the public based on aroma and freshness, and charmed the eyes of the beholders with the perfect color and become in glasses a glittering rose that offered instant joy to the tasting committee.


European Sparkling Wine Top put the sparkling wines of France, known as champagne, only on 4th position.

Concluding the wine tasting session, at Good Wine March 2015, the diplomats, lead by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade put on their favorite list the sparkling wines: MUSCAT OTTONEL (first place), on the second place stood the sparkling wine combination of Muscat Ottonel and Royal Girl (Feteasca regala) and finally the new comer in the competition:  Babeasca Sparkling Wine (Old Lady) from Casa Panciu (third place).

The diplomats involved in the tasting had encouraged the European sparkling wine producers to increase the wine quality by producing more sweet and semi-sweet sparkling wines, the perfect combination that already conquered the European markets for a consistent export and presence of European wines on international markets.


Under the watchful eye of Casa Panciu sommelier and with benevolent care of Mr. Marian Nistor- HoReCA Developer, the diplomats had enjoyed the best sparkling wines Europe can offer: from CASA PANCIU (HOUSE OF PANCIU).

Thanks to the efforts of the  HOUSE OF PANCIU-CASA PANCIU-the 13 International Wine Fair from March 2015 had kept his promise to present the true sparkling wine treasures of Europe: Muscat Ottonel, Feteasca Regala and Babeasca from Casa Panciu.


The international wine and tourism community of Europe and the World will have an opportunity to know the latest trends in wine tourism industry on the occasion of INTERNATIONAL FOOD AN WINE EVENT held in Bucharest between 20-22 March 2015.

The world event, gathering representatives from 34 countries and presenting strong and light beverages, wines, beers, sparkling wine and spirits and brandy producers from across the world is held under the banner of European Council on Tourism and Trade President Office.

The 8-th INTERNATIONAL WINE AND TOURISM CONFERENCE AND FAIR-GOOD WINE has become a regular event hosted by European tourism industry.

The European Council on Tourism and Trade organization team.

From right to left: Victor Deleanu-Cotnari House of Wine, European Senator Ionel Agrigoroaei, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-ECTT President, European Academician Mircea Constantinescu, Valentin Nechita-HORECA manager-Cotnari, General Gheorghe Constantin Balaban, Dl.Tudor Stefan-ECTT Hospitality and Beverage Department.

The event will take place in Romania and Romexpo Exhibition Complex between 20 and 22 March 2015.

The lovers of high quality wine will be rewarded on this occasion having the opportunity to taste the best of the European wines creations and they can enjoy the wines that conquered the hearts and minds of European and world wine connoisseurs: the wines produced under the mark of COTNARI House of Wine.

The COTNARI House of Wine-the most famous European producer, selected from December 2014 as the international representation wine of Europe during 2015 events (EUROPEAN DIPLOMATIC WINE) will offer to the visitors the opportunity to taste the marvels that are enchanting presidents, diplomats and leaders from across the world, the wines crowned in the international wine competition for 2014.

On the occasion of GOOD WINE-March 2015 will be offered for tasting the famous Bohotin Basilicum under the etiquette of Colloquium in Paris and impressing by his aromatic flavor, the mesmerizing taste and a long-lasting persistence.

The Bohotin Basilicum is considered as the perfect wine of today that is combining in a happy unity flavor, aroma and modern technology.

THE BEST EUROPEAN WINE FOR 2015 was tasted at the Palace of Parliament by the European diplomatic and political elite.

The lovers of perfect wine will be happy to have the opportunity to taste a national symbol of European wineries: Grasa de Cotnari (Fat Lady of Cotnari), dry wine, a wine of high quality that propelled him in the top of world wine and was propped up to international fame and acclaim.

Equally loved, the Feteasca Neagra (Black Girl) from DOMINIUM series of COTNARI HOUSE OF WINE will be highly attractive and will offer joy to the thousand of the visitors expected at the Wine and Tourism Fair.

To further attract the visitors of the March 2015 edition of GOOD WINE- INTERNATIONAL WINE AND TOURISM, the COTNARI House of Wine will send to the venue on this occasion the famous sommelier: Stefan Timofte who will present with verve and passion the true nature and history of the COTNARI wines.

Will also attend the opening, the WINE MAKERS OF 2014: George Malutan, the oenology expert of Cotnari Winery and Victor Deleanu-President of Cotnari House of Wines.

On 21 March 2015, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-President of European Council on Tourism and Trade will officially open the INTERNATIONAL WINE AND TOURISM CONFERENCE AND FAIR and together with a delegation of ambassadors and parliamentarians will visit the stands and representatives of the 34 countries registered in the fair and will rend an official visit to COTNARI House of Wine, the creator of the BEST EUROPEAN WINE IN 2015.

The INTERNATIONAL WINE AND TOURISM CONFERENCE AND FAIR-GOOD WINE will give you an opportunity to listen to the oenology experts and to meet the creators of the best wines of 2015 and first and foremost the unique occasion to taste and immerse into the world of the extraordinary wines.


Targul de vinuri GOODWINE 2014 va gazdui ceremonia oficiala de inmanare a titlului de CEL MAI BUN VIN ROMANESC pentru Casa de Vinuri COTNARI, titlu decernat in urma unei degustari oficiale organizate cu sprijinul misiunilor diplomatice din tara noastra.


În data de 22 noiembrie 2014, în organizarea  Institutului de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică, a avut loc ceremonia anuală de selecţie a celui mai bun vin al României, VINUL DIPLOMAŢILOR, care, de a lungul anului 2015, va reprezenta tot ce are ţara noastră mai bun în domeniul de mare tradiție al vinurilor.

Casa-de-Vinuri-CotnariDegustand VINUL DIPLOMTILOR pentru anul 2015-web


Se poate aprecia că ceremonia a devenit deja un punct central al vieții diplomatice, un moment pentru care ambasadorii se pregătesc, îl așteaptă şi savurează cu interes, deoarece comisia de degustare se bucură de tot ce are mai bun industria vinurilor din România.

La fel ca în fiecare an, comisia a cuprins câte doi diplomaţi din fiecare continent ce importă, în mod tradiţional, vinul românesc.

În acest an, în unanimitate, comisia, sub conducerea Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, Preşedintele Director General al Institutului de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Cooperare Economică, a decis că CEL MAI BUN VIN ROMÂNESC, pentru anul 2015, este creaţia CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI.

Casa de Vinuri Cotnari exploatează o plantaţie înfiinţată în anul 2007, ce se întinde pe o suprafaţă de 350 de hectare.


Feteasca Neagra-Gama Domenii ocupa locul III


Ca pondere în plantaţie, Feteasca Neagră ocupă locul I, strugurii fiind recoltaţi de pe 100 de hectare. Locul II este adjudecat, la egalitate, de Busuioaca de Bohotin şi Tămâioasa Românească, celebre în întreaga lume pentru aromele explozive şi gustul unic, întinse pe câte 75 de hectare. Feteasca Albă, soi emblematic al României şi unica Grasă de Cotnari completează plantaţia cu câte 50 de hectare.

Din aceste pământuri extraordinare, unde se cultivă viţa de vie din perioada culturii Cucuteni, (cc.3000 î Hr.) se nasc vinurile de excepție ale CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI, vinuri ce au cucerit comisia diplomaţilor.


Locul II-Grasa de Cotnari-Colocviu la Moscova-creatie a CASE DE VINURI COTNARI

Dintre probele supuse degustării din gamele Cotnari-Domenii şi Colocviu, ale CASEI DE VINURI COTNARI, vinuri ce au cucerit inima şi au deschis imaginaţia degustătorilor, putem enumera: Colocviu la ParisBusuioacă de Bohotin sec,   Gama Cotnari-Domenii – Busuioacă de Bohotin demisec, Colocviu la MoscovaGrasă de Cotnari sec, Gama Cotnari-Domenii – Fetească Neagră sec, Colocviu la RomaTămâioasă Românească sec, Colocviu la AtenaFetească Albă sec, Gama Cotnari-Domenii – Tămâioasă Româneascădemisec, Gama Cotnari-Domenii – Fetească Albă sec.

După o lungă degustare, clasamentul soiurilor  a surprins pe locul III Feteasca Albă şi Feteasca Neagră,  pe locul II cei prezenți au apreciat aroma şi gustul unicei Grase de Cotnari, iar,  în final, locul I a fost ocupat de soiurile aromate Tămâioasă Românească şiBusuioacă de Bohotin.

În final, lista vinurilor premiate a cuprins pe locul III, singurul vin roşu din Podgoria Cotnari, Feteasca Neagră sec din Gama Cotnari-DOMENII,  pe locul II cei prezenți au apreciat rara complexitate aromatică a unicei Grase de Cotnari vinificate în sec, iar în final,locul I – VINUL DIPLOMAŢILOR, cu nuanțe delicate de roz, arome îmbietoare, gust plăcut și rotund ce defineste tipicitatea soiului, a fost adjudecat de COLOCVIU LA PARIS – Busuioacă de Bohotin sec.


BUSUIOACA DE BOHOTIN este VINUL DIPLOMATILOR PENTRU 2015-cel mai bun vin al Romaniei.

Senatorul Ionel Agrigoroaei, membru al Comisiei de Economie, Servicii şi Industrie a Senatului României, prezent la eveniment, a declarat că în calitate de senator ieşean este extrem de mândru că dintre vinurile Moldovei, cel de la CASA DE VINURI COTNARI va fi cunoscut în întreaga lume.

CASA  DE VINURI COTNARI trebuie apreciată pentru eforturile sale susţinute de promovare a soiurilor autohtone, apreciază Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, care a mai explicat diplomaţilor prezenți că producatorul nu oferă consumatorilor doar vinuri de o calitate excepţională, create cu tehnologie modernă, ci foloseste şi metode de vinificaţie de tipul celor ce au cucerit iubitorii vinului din Lumea Nouă.

Mai trebuie menționat că echipa Casei de Vinuri Cotnari, condusă de tânărul director Victor Deleanu, reuşeşte să păstreze şi să continue îndelungata tradiție a vinului românesc de calitate din podgoria Cotnari.

Bucate romanesti alese la degustarea VINULUI DIPLOMATILOR-2015-web

Bucate romanesti au insotit intalnirea cu cele mai bune vinuri ale Romaniei, competitie castigata de CASA DE VINURI COTNARI.

Astăzi, suntem mândri că vom oferi diplomaţilor români şi străini, iubitorilor vinului de calitate din România şi din întreaga lume, un vin de care putem fi mândri, un vin de excepție, VINUL DIPLOMAŢILOR de la CASA DE VINURI COTNARI, a concluzionat Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea