Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) was invited for an official inspection tour of the tourism facilities, cultural landmarks and recreation establishments of the State of Qatar.


Doha-capital of State of Qatar hopes to be a future World Capital of Culture and Tourism

On this occasion, President Anton Caragea had also attended the 11 Inter-confessional Dialogue Conference held in Doha.
During the conference works Professor Dr. Anton Caragea held a key note speech on the issues related to the role of youth in promoting interfaith dialogue and inter-religion understanding and chaired a round table on the ways and ideas to foster dialogue and inter-civilization dialogue.

Muzeul Culturii islamice

Museum of Islamic Culture in Doha: a landmark of culture in the State of Qatar

On the occasion of his visit to the State of Qatar, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea held a number of meetings, destined to promote the mutual god understanding and the Qatar-ECTT cooperation.

During the meetings a dialogue was held with the management of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the State of Qatar where issues such as: economic opportunities offered by European market, investments in tourism industry of ECTT and other trade issues where discussed.

Qatar National television-webs

ECTT President-Professor Dr.Anton Caragea and Sheik Abdulaziz Thani Al-Thani.- Chairman of National Television of Qatar

An ample and far reaching dialogue was held with the Chairman of National Television of Qatar-Sheik Abdulaziz Thani Al-Thani. During the meeting where tabled issues such as: exchange of cultural programs, television productions, promoting the image of the State of Qatar in the European mass media and the opportunities to broadcast tourism related events held by European Council on Tourism and Trade end especially WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD on Qatar National Television.
The productive and extensive dialogue had continued at the headquarters of National News Agency of Qatar with General Director Mr. Ahmed Saad Alboainin.

QATAR News Agency-webs

ECTT President-Professor Dr.Anton Caragea and Mr. Ahmed Saad Alboainin-General Director of National News Agency of Qatar 

Here where tabled, during the amicable dialogue, issues such as: information exchanges, naming a media representative of Qatar News Agency at European Council on Tourism and Trade , inviting ECTT journalists to Qatar, bilateral promotion of activities, promoting the Qatari news output in ECTT mass media and attending international events organized by Qatar News Agency.

Moscheea Mohammed bin Abdulwahab-Doha

Mosque Mohammed bin Abdulwahab

The visit to Qatar encompassed also an important cultural side: with visits to the Mosque Mohammed bin Abdulwahab and to the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, an astonishing cultural establishment comprising a vast area of cultural artifacts, of real value, all in a futuristic display, putting the latest technique to the service of cultural and historical promotion in a truly unique arrangement, wordy of world appraisal.


Mosque Mohammed bin Abdulwahab (interior view)

The visit to the State of Qatar by Professor Dr. Anton Caragea was a momentous occasion in developing a special bilateral relation of friendship and cooperation between European Council on Tourism and Trade and Qatar and paved the way for Qatar to be considered in the future amongst the nominees for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION and for Doha-capital of Qatar, to be considered for WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM.