The Global Tourism Institution-European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) announced the appointment of a new presidential adviser for religious tourism development.

The appointment of a religious tourism expert in the person of Mr. Tudor Stefan comes in recognition of the ever growing importance of faith based tourism and  aims to highlight the positive contributions of pilgrimages and spiritual routes to sustainable and responsible tourism, as well as the contribution of tourism to cultural understanding and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage related to ancient trails and sacred places.

On the appointment of the new presidential adviser, H.E. President of ECTT- global tourism institution, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea noted that ”Asia and Africa are the most vital centers for religious and faith based tourism that will capture the attention of billions of travelers in the next decade and will have to respond to the challenge of sustainable and cultural oriented tourism and the nomination of our new adviser in the person of the reputed academic Mr. Tudor Stefan comes in response of our increased global role in the world of culture and tourism”


Lalibela (Ethiopia-World`s Best Tourist Destination in 2015) is one of the most rapidly developing tourism centers.



Mr. Tudor Stefan was presented to the diplomatic corps accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade and in induction speech outlined that according to European Council on Tourism and Trade figures around 300 million tourists visit the world´s key religious sites every year, making spiritual tourism a significant part of both domestic and international tourism.

Angkor Wat (Cambodia-World`s Best Tourist Destination for 2016) had attracted 3,6 million tourists in 2018 alone.



The event has brought together diplomats from a diverse range of countries including Argentina, Australia, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Paraguay, The Republic of Korea, Spain and Thailand, among others.


The participants agreed that Asia and Africa are encapsulating the most impressive development potential being capable in bringing more than 200 million tourists and billion in investments funds and cultural protection.