The OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE had made public the world tourism institution support for the global implementation of Sustainable Development Goals on world academic community and instructed EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY to continue the impressive exertions developed in this direction.


The re-enforced cooperation agreement to the implementation of SDG had come as a result of a general appeal from UN General Assembly President.

On April 19, 2017 H.E. President of United Nations General Assembly, Ambassador Peter Thomson had addressed a letter to the head of states and global leaders urging a better knowledge and acceptance of Sustainable Development Goals in the world and asking a universal effort for the implementation of SDG in learning process across the world.


The letter addressed to H.E. President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and to European Tourism Academy reads in part: Everything I have learned as President of the United Nations General Assembly has convinced me that, taken together with the Paris Climate Agreement, the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda provides humanity with the best chance we have to shape a sustainable way of life for our species upon this planet.


In pursuit of this high purpose, I am writing to you and every Head of Government of the Member States of the United Nations, with the request that national efforts are made to educate young people on the vital importance of the Sustainable Development Goals.

If every school curriculum in the world incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals, every school teaches them, and every young person on the planet is made aware of them as rights and responsibilities, the world will stand a very good chance of attaining the Goals by 2030.


I am pleased to advise, Excellency, that in support of the policies that your government may decide on the matter, tools are already available to help support SDG learning, such as those developed by UNICEF, UNESCO, the Global Partnership for Education and the “World’s Largest Lesson”.


European Council on Tourism and Trade has being from the start of Sustainable Development Goals inception and promotions, alongside the global efforts made to implement SDG in the life of every man, woman and child on this planet.


European Council on Tourism and Trade had created and pioneered the PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS SDG`s uniting world parliaments in the efforts to implement in their work and legislation measures dedicated to bring to life SDG in every nation.

The special programs of WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM and WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION were also tailored and reconstructed in order to become a development booster, to buttress growth and economic opportunities for all the people of the world.

EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY is the only world academy that is offering SDG based courses and curriculum based on role of culture and development in carving a new and better future for as all.



Salvador Dali creations, France cultural prowess and DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE where the main landmarks of 2017 EUROPE DAY celebrations showing the vitality and the power that Europe has still in attracting and influencing billions of peoples around the world.


On the occasion of Europe Day 2017, France has received a new recognition as the center of world culture and lifestyle with the title of CREATOR OF WORLD FAVORITE PERFUME being saliently ascribed to DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE.

The Perfume is from 17th century onwards an intricate part of European culture and must be inscribed as a part of tourism development as tourists are attracted by magic places where perfume is made and by perfume artists.

Today the quest for exclusive perfumes, for the secrets of the perfume creators has a new address: Dali Haute Parfumerie, World Favorite Perfume in 2017, based in Paris.

Dali Haute Parfumerie has just being honored with the title of World Favorite Perfume for 2017, in appreciation of his original interpretation of exceptional jewels created by Salvador Dali from which aroused the inspiration for creating unique perfumes, carved by the world famous perfume maker: Alberto Morillas.

Dali Haute Parfumerie has being inspired by the jewels collections created by the artist and now the exceptional perfume bottles are transformed in works of art, the jewels on the cap have to be preserved and kept in house for generations to come.

It was Mr. Jean-Pierre Grivory, President Director General of Cofinluxe that harbored the bold idea to launch a new luxury perfume brand, based on the artistic creations of Salvador Dali.

A visionary decision that ascribed DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE on the road to universal recognition and success.                                                                                                                                                                              Having your own signed Salvador Dali perfume in your house is without doubt the greatest gift that Dali Haute Parfumerie is offering to the aficionados of high end perfumes.

But the magic doesn’t stop at the bottle!

The perfume bottles of Dali Haute Parfumerie are the chalice that is protecting the fragrances carved by one of the world`s best perfume artists, fragrances that will invite you on a voyage across the essences of life.

Inside every Dali Haute Parfumerie fragrance you will find the rarest raw materials and substances in the perfume industry ranging from: absolute ambrette, orange blossom absolute, musk, patchouli of Indonesia, ylang-ylang, so many natural aromas and essences that will instantly transport you in a oneiric voyage.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Grivory, President Director General of COFINLUXE succeeded in bringing a new life to French Perfume.


In the official letter penned for Mr. Jean-Pierre Grivory, President Director General of COFINLUXE (the parent company of Dali Haute Perfumerie)on May 9, 2017, on Europe Day and announcing Dali Haute Parfumerie as World Favorite Perfume in 2017 is noted that:

«Starting today DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE is receiving the precious recognition of quality for cosmetics and perfume’s industry and a sign of trust on international markets as the WORLD FAVORITE PERFUME FOR 2017.

On May 9, on the EUROPE DAY, when we are celebrating the values of our continent and all that our peoples are producing and in the presence of diplomatic corps accredited to our institution we have publicly signed the decree conferring the official title of WORLD FAVORITE PERFUME FOR 2017 to DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE.

From today DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE fragrances will be used for protocol gifts, product tasting, for brand presentations, for international delegations and international events related to tourism, trade and diplomacy across the world, promoting Europe industriousness, innovation spirit and cultural prowess.




European Council on Tourism and Trade proudly crowned Dali Haute Parfumerie for the unique and astute spirit of promoting the European, but also universal values of Salvador Dali creations and encapsulating in his perfumes the French spirit, the European culture and the magic of a great perfume artist Alberto Morillas».

For orders and special request kindly consult the list of Official Distribution and Partners of DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE or contact direct Orders Department at: +33 1 55 37 71 72



A l’occasion de la Journée de l’Europe 2017, la France a reçu une nouvelle reconnaissance en tant que Centre Mondial de la culture et du style de vie, avec le titre de Créateur du MEILLEUR PARFUM DU MONDE pour 2017, attribué à DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE.

Le parfum est à partir du XVIIème siècle une partie intégrante de la culture européenne et doit être inscrit comme un élément essentiel du développement du tourisme, les touristes étant attirés vers les centres de création de parfums.

Aujourd’hui, la quête de parfums exclusifs, des secrets du métier de parfumeur a une nouvelle adresse:  Dali Haute Parfumerie,  MEILLEUR PARFUM DU MONDE pour 2017, basée à Paris.

Dali Haute Parfumerie vient d’être honorée du titre de MEILLEUR PARFUM DU MONDE pour 2017 grâce à son interprétation des bijoux  exceptionnels créés par Salvador Dali, qui ont donné naissance à des fragrances uniques, façonnées par le célèbre parfumeur Alberto Morillas.

Dali Haute Parfumerie est inspirée de la Collection de bijoux créés par l’artiste, les flacons d’exception devenant eux-mêmes des œuvres d’art, de véritables bijoux que l’on se doit de conserver pour les générations à venir.

C’est Jean-Pierre Grivory, Président  Directeur-Général de Cofinluxe, qui a eu cette idée audacieuse de lancer une nouvelle marque de parfums de niche, en puisant son inspiration dans l’œuvre artistique de Salvador Dali.

Un acte visionnaire qui conduit DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE vers le succès mondial.

Avoir son propre parfum signé Salvador Dali chez soi, est sans doute le meilleur cadeau que Dali Haute Parfumerie puisse offrir aux amoureux de la Haute Parfumerie.

Mais la magie ne s’arrête pas au flacon.

Les flacons Dali Haute Parfumerie se font réceptacle de fragrances façonnées par l’un des meilleurs Parfumeurs-créateurs au monde et vous emmènent voyager à travers ses essences.

Dans chacune des fragrances Dali Haute Parfumerie, vous trouverez les matières premières les plus rares de la parfumerie, comme l’absolu d’ambrette, l’absolu de fleur d’oranger, l’ylang ylang, le patchouli d’Indonésie, l’Ambrox, autant d’essences naturelles qui vous transportent instantanément dans un voyage onirique.

La lettre officielle rédigée pour M. Jean-Pierre Grivory, Président Directeur-Général de COFINLUXE (la société mère de Dali Haute Parfumerie) le 9 mai 2017, Journée de l’Europe, qui décerne le prix de Meilleur Parfum au Monde 2017 à Dali Haute Parfumerie, note:

« À partir d’aujourd’hui, DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE reçoit la reconnaissance de la qualité au sein de l’industrie des cosmétiques et parfums et un signe de confiance sur les marchés internationaux en tant que MEILLEUR PARFUM DU MONDE POUR 2017.

Le 9 mai, Journée de l’Europe où nous célébrons les valeurs de notre continent et tout ce que nos peuples produisent, et en présence du corps diplomatique accrédité dans notre institution, nous signerons publiquement le décret conférant le titre officiel de CRÉATEUR DU MEILLEUR PARFUM DU MONDE POUR 2017 à DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE.

À partir d’aujourd’hui, DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE sera utilisé dans le cadre de cadeaux protocolaires, de la découverte de nouveaux produits, de présentations de marques, de délégations internationales et d’événements internationaux liés au tourisme, au commerce et à la diplomatie à travers le monde, en faveur de l’industrie européenne, de l’esprit d’innovation et de prouesses culturelles.


Le Conseil Européen du Tourisme et du Commerce a fièrement couronné Dali Haute Parfumerie pour son esprit unique et astucieux qui promeut les  valeurs européennes et universelles à travers les créations de Salvador Dali et en mettant en avant le savoir-faire français, la culture européenne et la magie d’un créateur de parfums exceptionnels : Alberto Morillas.»


Celebration of Europe: Europe Day Reception

Building on a successful cooperation on last year’s Europe Day, the European Tourism Academy supported the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE(ECTT) to organize the Europe Day on Tuesday , 9 May 2017.

The reception was attended by over 1000 people from including prominent guests such as government representatives, diplomatic corps in Bucharest, business leaders, academia, and the media. On this occasion Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Council President   had welcomed the visitors to the event with a powerful speech:

Honourable Ministers,

Honourable Members of Parliament,

Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Colleagues, fellow Europeans and friends of Europe,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Namaste, Salam Alaykum, Good evening, Bonsoir, and a very warm welcome to you all to the 2017 Europe Day celebrations.

First, I would like to express my gratitude to Academicians Mircea Constantinescu and Ionut Costea, Directors of EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY, for kindly agreeing to make available this splendid hall for today’s gathering.

We thought that this year it would be great to bring Europe closer to academicians and professionals and leaders of all walks of life, and to hold our celebrations in this excellent establishment.

Thank you very much to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.

Today, 9 May, is Europe Day.

 On this day in 1950 Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, called on the nations of Europe to unite and make war on our continent unthinkable.

His message of peace and unity is as relevant as ever.

 The dreams of our founding fathers have become a reality, and Europeans live together in peace and prosperity, bound together by principles of democracy and human rights.

Yet, as anyone who follows international news knows, the European Union faces considerable challenges, and I do not want to gloss over these.

But despite all our difficulties the Europe represents the most successful process of regional integration, and remains the richest continent in the world.

In no other place is there so much freedom – freedom to speak our mind, freedom to move, freedom to pray and not to pray, freedom to love, freedom to vote and freedom to choose our own destiny.

Everywhere in the world Europe is a major trading partner, a major investor and we are proudly launching here BEST OF EUROPE/BEST OF WORLD program.


Climate change is another example of Europe prowess and a dear subject to myself as Ambassador for World Protected Areas .

On 22 April 2016, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement in New York. Fifteen countries deposited their instruments of ratification on the same day sending a signal to the international community on the paramount importance of the implementation of the Agreement.

Our Ambassador office is committed to continue to work closely with all the nations on climate change, not only alongside it in international negotiations, but also as a key partner – providing support for mitigation and adjusting, and on the implementation of the Paris Agreement – the next big challenge.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

I want to welcome you this evening not only to the Europe Day Reception, but also to our exhibition showcasing our engagement in tourism, trade and development across the world.

With WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION and WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM programs we succeeded in the last ten years to bring over 6 billion euro investments in tourism, development and growth sector in Africa and Asia and we created more than 100.000 jobs in tertiary sectors of all the countries that have being supported by EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE and EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY programs.

 I would like to thank all our development implementing partners for their contributions to the exhibition and for their efforts.

I hope that everyone will take time to discover the breadth and depth of the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE co-operation with developing world.


I would like to express my gratitude in particular to key partners of ours in this day, as DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE who offered you not only wonderful gifts but provided you with a symbol of what Europe stand`s for culture like Salvador Dali works and the joy of living embodied by wonderful perfumes and also a word of gratitude to our European Diplomatic Wine`s partners like HOUSE OF PANCIU who unveiled for you the best European sparkling wines and HOUSE OF WINES COTNARI who had offered you the gift of incredible European wines.

A word of gratitude to the 23 masters of pastry and cakes, who created the incredible cakes that we will taste tonight.

I will no longer stay between you and the incredible cake awaiting us!

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy Europe Day!

Bbahut Dhanyawad, Shukran, Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Danke.”



European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) hosted the first ever European Cigars Exhibition in Brussels with the aim of bringing together the European cigars lovers with world top cigar producers.

La Galera 80th Anniversary Limited Edition was declared WORLD FAVORITE CIGAR FOR 2017

As Europe emerges out of the crisis, we must not forget that our continent is the main consumer of cigars in the world and cigar is part of the lifestyle and joie de vivre that is representative of our continent.

So Europe must influence,  educate and leverage his financial and taste on world cigars community. 

Be spoke in a word! (Professor Dr. Anton Caragea-ECTT President opening speech)

TABACALERA PALMA receives THE WORLD FAVORITE CIGAR prize from European Exhibition Director Mrs. Ruxandra Leonte in the company of ECTT President-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea. 


On the meeting agenda was also on the most sought after moment: tasting of world’s best cigars deemed as representative for a cigars aficionados paradise.


The winner was unanimously branded as La Galera 80 years anniversary limited edition crowned as Favorite Cigar for 2017 and Tabacalera Palma from Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic cigars and tobacco product arouse a strong interests being labeled as powerful and interesting and eliciting also interest from tour operators interested in carving tourism and cigar tasting programmes.

If Dominican Republic took the podium with Tabacalera Palma and La Galera brand as World Favorite Cigar,  Nicaraguan products also fired up the world’s attention followed closely by Cuban and a host of small Mexico and Brazil producers.


The Director of European Cigars Exhibition in Brussels, Mrs. Ruxandra Leonte stated:  We hope to make the Cigars Exhibition a yearly event representative for world producers and European consumers and also support a tourism products based on tobacco discovery as we already have at world level well established and running wine tourism tours.

I congratulate the winners of this year edition of World’s Favorite Cigar producer Tabacalera Palma and wish everybody to taste the magic La Galera cigars blended by talented and energetic Jochy- José Arnaldo Blanco III and his team.


Pavel Avramoiu, hotel and hospitality delegate  also praised the initiative: representing a chain of 80 luxury hotels across the world, the opportunity to meet in one place the most important representatives of cigar industry is priceless. I also concur to the strong showing of Tabacalera Palma and Dominican Republic cigars and I hope we will soon have La Galera collection in our hotels.


Tabacalera Palma’s emergence predates to the mid 19th century, when a Spaniard named José Manuel Blanco Lozada moves to the Dominican Republic and pursues the trade of tropical fruits and tobacco.

 José Arnaldo Blanco II established Tabacalera Palma back in 1925 and filed for industrial registration in 1936, becoming one of the first cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic. By 1960, ‘La Palma’ had developed to have around 200 full time rollers generating cigars for the local market.

Today the family business is lead into a new adventure by José Arnaldo Blanco III, affectionately known to all as “Jochy”, who  is the current owner and CEO of Tabacalera Palma.

Tabacalera Palma is a vibrant enterprise with a positive impact to the community. Not only does the company contribute with the direct employment of many citizens, but commits with society by supporting existing charities like the Firemen Patronage, the Orphanage of Tamboril, several sports organizations, amongst others.

The company employs more than 350 persons on site, more than 70% of them being women, indirectly employing more than 1,500 with all of the operations.

JOSE Jochy BLANCO – the man who put Dominican cigars on world map.

Jochy devotes unconditional support towards small and independent growers in the communities where Tabacalera Palma operates, as well as portraying a partnership in the state of the art tobacco farm “Estancia Flor de Palma”, with the world-renowned cigar maker Litto Gomez from La Flor Dominicana.

Some of the finest tobacco in the world is produced here, from the flavorful fillers and the delightful binders, to the exquisite wrappers of the uttermost quality.


Ever since Mr. Blanco assumed the role of CEO in Tabacalera Palma, the company has developed numerous private labels for some of the leading cigar companies in the world.

Additionally, Tabacalera Palma. has developed and improved tobacco growing, harvesting, curing and processing techniques, ideal factors that compliment the high performance of the cigars.

To order the WORLD FAVORITE CIGARS FROM TABACALERA PALMA you can contact the factory  here:



El Consejo Europeo de Turismo y Comercio (ECTT) acogió el 10 de mayo de 2017 la primera Exposición Europea de Cigarros de Bruselas con el objetivo de reunir a los amantes de los cigarros europeos con los principales productores de cigarros del mundo.

La Galera 80 años coronado como Cigarro Favorito para 2017 y creada para Tabacalera Palma de República Dominicana.

A medida que Europa sale de la crisis no debemos olvidar que nuestro continente es el principal consumidor de puros en el mundo y el cigarro es parte del estilo de vida y la joie de vivre que es representativa de nuestro continente.

Así que Europa debe influir, educar y signalar  sus gustos y preferencias en la comunidad mundial de los cigarros.

En una palabra: Que tenemos una posición! (Profesor Dr. Anton Caragea-Presidente de ECTT).

TABACALERA PALMA recibe el galardon de EL PRODUCTOR DE PUROS PREFERIDOS DE 2017 de Señora Ruxandra Leonte, Directora de Exposiciones Europeas de Consejo Europeo de Turismo y Comercio (ECTT)

El momento más buscado de la reunión esta la degustación de los mejores puros del mundo considerado como representantivos por un paraíso por los aficionados de cigarros paraíso.

El ganador fue calificado unánimemente como La Galera 80 años coronado como Cigarro Favorito para 2017 y Tabacalera Palma de República Dominicana.

Los cigarros y productos de tabaco de la República Dominicana despiertan un fuerte interés por ser etiquetado como poderoso e interesante y despertar también el interés de los tour operadores interesados ​​en tallar el turismo y los programas de degustación de cigarros.

Si República Dominicana subió al podio con Tabacalera Palma y purros de La Galera como Cigarro Favorito del Mundo, los productos nicaragüenses también despertaron la atención del mundo y estan seguido de cerca por puroa cubanos y por una serie de puros de pequeños productores de México y Brasil.


La directora de Exposición Europea de Cigarros de Bruselas, la Sra. Ruxandra Leonte declaró: “Esperamos hacer de la Exposición de Cigares un evento anual representativo para productores mundiales y consumidores europeos y también apoyar un producto turístico basado en el descubrimiento de tabaco como ya lo tenemos a nivel mundial Establecidos y en funcionamiento tours enoturismo.


Felicito a los ganadores de la edición de este año de Tabacalera Palma, la productora preferida de cigarrillos del mundo, y deseo que todos degusten los puros La Galera mezclados por el talentoso y enérgico Jochy-José Arnaldo Blanco III y su equipo.

Pavel Avramoiu, delegado del cadena mundial (WTC) de hotel y de la hospitalidad también elogió la iniciativa: representando una cadena de 80 hoteles de lujo en todo el mundo, la oportunidad de reunirse en un solo lugar con los representantes más importantes de la industria del cigarro no tiene precio.

También estoy de acuerdo con la fuerte presentación de los puros de Palma y República Dominicana y espero que pronto tengamos la colección La Galera en nuestros hoteles.

Informaciones sobre TABACALERA PALMA

La aparición de Tabacalera Palma data de mediados del siglo XIX, cuando un español llamado José Manuel Blanco Lozada se traslada a la República Dominicana y se dedica al comercio de frutas tropicales y tabaco.


 José Arnaldo Blanco II estableció Tabacalera Palma en 1925 y registró su registro industrial en 1936, convirtiéndose en uno de los primeros fabricantes de cigarros en la República Dominicana. En 1960, ‘La Palma’ se había desarrollado para tener alrededor de 200 rodillos a tiempo completo generando cigarros para el mercado local.

Hoy en día, el negocio familiar es llevado a una nueva aventura por José Arnaldo Blanco III, afectuosamente conocido por todos como “Jochy”, que es el actual propietario y CEO de Tabacalera Palma.

Tabacalera Palma es una empresa vibrante con un impacto positivo para la comunidad.

No sólo contribuye con el empleo directo de muchos ciudadanos, sino que se compromete con la sociedad apoyando a organizaciones de caridad existentes como el Patronato de Bomberos, el Orfanato de Tamboril, varias organizaciones deportivas, entre otras.

La empresa emplea a más de 350 ciudadanos en el lugar, más del 70% de ellos son mujeres, empleando indirectamente más de 1.500 con todas las operaciones.

José Arnaldo Blanco III (Jochy) es el director de TABACALERA PALMA creadora de PUROS PREFERIDOS DE 2017 y el hombre que ha marcado en la carta de cigarros la Republica Dominicana.


Jochy dedica un apoyo incondicional a los pequeños e independientes productores de las comunidades donde opera Tabacalera Palma, así como una asociación en la finca de tabaco “Estancia Flor de Palma”, con el mundialmente famoso productor de cigarros Litto Gomez de La Flor Dominicana.

Aquí se producen algunos de los mejores tabacos del mundo, desde los rellenos sabrosos y los deliciosos aglutinantes hasta las envolturas exquisitas de la máxima calidad.

Desde que el Sr. Blanco asumió el cargo de CEO en Tabacalera Palma, la compañía ha desarrollado numerosas marcas privadas para algunas de las principales compañías de cigarros del mundo.

Además, Tabacalera Palma ha desarrollado y mejorado el cultivo del tabaco, cosecha, curado y técnicas de procesamiento, factores ideales que complementan el alto rendimiento de los cigarros.


Por comandas de productos, compras y más informaciones se puede entregar directamente al productor de PUROS PREFERIDOS EN 2017 –TABACALERA PALMA aquí:


2017 is  the year to promote sustainable tourism in world protected areas.

Each year, the European Council on Tourism and Trade Federation members, partners and friends gather to discuss and debate the importance of Protected Areas in Europe and the world under the High Patronage of World Goodwill Ambassador of Protected Areas and Natural Parks, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea  and to meet, share news, experiences and ideas.

The Conference is indeed one of the greatest events for the European network of Protected Areas where people from a diversity of countries, cultures, languages come together.

Danube Delta: this was the main theme of the 2017 Exhibition-Conference presented under the banner of : TIME TO DISCOVER EUROPE`S PROTECTED AREAS! TIME FOR DANUBE DELTA! a public information event hosted in Bucharest by the Geological Museum.

2017 is THE TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! proclaimed Ambassador Professor Dr. Anton Caragea a announcing  the partnership with PUFLENE RESORT-the Danube Delta perfect host.

Danube Delta has to be in the center of sustainable tourism development and more specially must be at the heart of every European.

 Unfortunately, until now only 2,5% of European population had visited Danube Delta and only 10 to 12% had made long time vacations in areas like Murighiol and Sulina, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

We proclaim 2017 as the year when WE HAVE TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

The center of Danube Delta discovery campaign must be TULCEA/MURIGHIOL area, a special point with easy access to Danube Delta and an area that had witnessed a tremendous development in the last span of time with the extraordinary PUFLENE RESORT opening as a center for the discovery activities for Danube Delta, stated Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

Representatives of central administration (ministries and government agencies) , travel agencies, journalists and Danube Delta lovers attended the TIME TO DISCOVER PROTECTED AREAS IN EUROPE public information event.

Professor Anton Caragea announced the conclusion of a partnership with PUFLENE RESORT who will make available special rates for rooms in order to encourage visitors to Danube Delta and will also stage a chain of events to promote attention toward Danube Delta.

PUFLENE RESORT the address of perfect leisure and pleasure in DANUBE DELTA!

PUFLENE RESORT will host in 2017 a new edition of DIPLOMATIC TRIP, program carved out as a discover Romania trip for foreign diplomats by the European Council on Tourism and Trade.

In the framework of cooperation agreement PUFLENE RESORT will also host in May 2017 a special conference to locally launch the TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! program and will carve discovery routes around the complex, to bring visitors to Halmyris castle and to other touristic and cultural scenic beauties of Danube Delta.

The Conference TIME TO DISCOVER DANUBE DELTA! aas held under the High Patronage of Natural Protected Areas Goodwill Ambassador: Professor Dr. Anton Caragea and was officially opened in the presence of European parliament members and of diplomatic corps accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade.

The music of Danube Delta was represented by a special Lipoveni (Russian Danube Delta minority) community singer. 

The conference had also benefited by the presence of an exhibition areas that garnered for public pleasure and information 36 canvas paintings and images from Danube Delta, a powerful testimony of natural potential and the unique beauty of Danube Delta-unique ecosystem in Europe.

The music was the best medium to highlight the beauties of Danube Delta during the exhibition opening.

The guests savored a specific fish meal and regional amuse bouche and enjoyed a concert of traditional music from Russian community of the areas and of fishermen collectivities of deltaic region.

By the conference end all the brochures and leaflets promoting Danube Delta beauties where exhausted, a clear symbol of the interest aroused by the photo exhibition and the joy and expectation to discover the luxurious PUFLENE RESORT-the perfect Danube Delta host.

More PR about European diplomats visit to DANUBE DELTA 2016 edition can be read out here: