On 28 of October 2014 the taking office and protocol meeting to present the Egypt candidature for World Best Tourist Destination in 2015 has taken place.



Dialogue between H.E. Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade  and H.E. Dr. Abu  Ambassador of  Republic of Egypt.


Professor Dr. Anton Caragea express his amicable fillings and friendly interest towards the recent evolution`s in Egypt, evolution`s, that are consolidating Egypt`s economic development.

Egypt`s transition toward stability is witnessed with sympathy and interest by European Council on Tourism and Trade and is subject to a monthly review in order to decide the level of security  advises necessary for tourists awareness emphasized Prof.Dr. Anton Caragea.

Ambassador Dr. Abu Alaa presented the latest achievements in tourism development and security arrangements and the vision for re-opening the economic cooperation, developing parliamentary dialogue and strengthening cultural relations and building new bridges of understanding between European Council on Tourism and Trade and Arab Republic of Egypt.

The parties had appreciated that: between European Council on Tourism and Trade and A.R.Egypt there are large areas of common interests, designed to forge a good understanding between the entities and now it is an auspicious moment for reconstructing and rebuilding this framework of dialogue and friendship.

 Professor Dr. Anton Caragea accepted Egypt presentation for World Best Tourist Destination in 2015 and for Alexandria, pearl of Mediterranean Sea, candidature for World Capital of Culture and Tourism in 2015, expressing his hope that the situation in Egypt will allow the country to re-become the touristic hub it once was, with over 20 million tourist`s yearly.

The two candidature are a self presenting evidence that :the Government of Egypt is serious about developing tourism, healing the wounds of so-called Arab spring and regaining for the country the status of prime star tourism destination.

The two candidature will be seriously look at and will be taken under consideration, as the country is relishing with cultural and historical treasures, that need to be promoted and preserved for future generations affirmed President Dr. Caragea.

The dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this dialogue on to the future.

The parties tabled economic cooperation projects in the areas of renewable energy, energy plant rehabilitation, agricultural storage construction, railroad restructuring, developing mass media and tourism connections etc.

The discussion led the foundations of continuing the dialogue and fostering the relations between European Council on Tourism and Trade and Egypt.