Africa is on the rise is a well-known trope but the rapid climbing on the top of world tourist destinations is a reality powered by booming economies, improving security, better air connectivity and of course incredible natural and historical potential.


A new memento of this (we hope) unstoppable march toward tourism status was the decision of global tourism institution – EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE to recognize President of Djibouti as a global leader in tourism development.

To mark this fortunate moment for Africa`s development and to mark down an African vision we present our readers with six accomplishments that are placing President Ismail Omar Guelleh achievements on the top of African and world tourism leadership.


President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh was elected as a member of European Tourism Academy and has received the Letter addressed to world leaders in tourism and development in recognition of his visionary leadership in related to tourism.


Here are six arguments that can solid present his case:

Air Djibouti

Air Djibouti has succeeded a new re-birth starting with cargo activities in 2015 and started again to fly across the world: “Djibouti is reconfirming his strategic position in the international commerce, global transport and it is centrally positioned at the heart of the second most important maritime trade line in the world” marked Aboubaker Omar Hadi, president of Port and Free Trade Authority of Djibouti in a public ceremony on the tarmac of Djibouti airport.


New air travel connections will start in 2017, linking Asia and Europe with Africa welcoming around 200.000 passengers per year on board of his flights.

Djibouti Airport

Djibouti Airport and Djibouti Air are both state-owned companies that are proving that in a highly competitive market they can still impose themselves, bring profit and attract international costumers as long as they are well-managed.

Visa on arrival

Djibouti is one of the world most accommodating to world tourists offering visa on arrival to a large number of citizens from Europe, Asia and Africa.

European Journal of Tourism Visa Openness 2018 evaluation placed Djibouti on the second position among African countries in term of friendliness for tourism entry and visa facilities.

Djibouti City: a well-groomed city


In contrast to many other world cities, the capital of Djibouti is a safe, clean and order city ranking year after year on top of best cities to live in.


Security is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most important issues in promoting tourism.

Djibouti is an example of order and with the country hosting military bases of United States, France and China you could be well safe in this nation that is enjoying a perfect security situation and is a proven exporter of stability throughout Africa.


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World class hotels

Djibouti city is renowned for the great numbers of high-quality hotels, well-groomed offices where businessmen’s from around the world are feeling perfectly making the city a base for international trade on the continent.

With sophisticated infrastructure, Djibouti has succeeded in claiming the mantle of a regional capital for the international companies seeking to expand or making business in Eastern Africa.

You can watch DJIBOUTI WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM promotion video here:



Celebration of Europe: Europe Day Reception

Building on a successful cooperation on last year’s Europe Day, the European Tourism Academy supported the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE(ECTT) to organize the Europe Day on Tuesday , 9 May 2017.

The reception was attended by over 1000 people from including prominent guests such as government representatives, diplomatic corps in Bucharest, business leaders, academia, and the media. On this occasion Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, Council President   had welcomed the visitors to the event with a powerful speech:

Honourable Ministers,

Honourable Members of Parliament,

Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Colleagues, fellow Europeans and friends of Europe,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Namaste, Salam Alaykum, Good evening, Bonsoir, and a very warm welcome to you all to the 2017 Europe Day celebrations.

First, I would like to express my gratitude to Academicians Mircea Constantinescu and Ionut Costea, Directors of EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY, for kindly agreeing to make available this splendid hall for today’s gathering.

We thought that this year it would be great to bring Europe closer to academicians and professionals and leaders of all walks of life, and to hold our celebrations in this excellent establishment.

Thank you very much to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.

Today, 9 May, is Europe Day.

 On this day in 1950 Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, called on the nations of Europe to unite and make war on our continent unthinkable.

His message of peace and unity is as relevant as ever.

 The dreams of our founding fathers have become a reality, and Europeans live together in peace and prosperity, bound together by principles of democracy and human rights.

Yet, as anyone who follows international news knows, the European Union faces considerable challenges, and I do not want to gloss over these.

But despite all our difficulties the Europe represents the most successful process of regional integration, and remains the richest continent in the world.

In no other place is there so much freedom – freedom to speak our mind, freedom to move, freedom to pray and not to pray, freedom to love, freedom to vote and freedom to choose our own destiny.

Everywhere in the world Europe is a major trading partner, a major investor and we are proudly launching here BEST OF EUROPE/BEST OF WORLD program.


Climate change is another example of Europe prowess and a dear subject to myself as Ambassador for World Protected Areas .

On 22 April 2016, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement in New York. Fifteen countries deposited their instruments of ratification on the same day sending a signal to the international community on the paramount importance of the implementation of the Agreement.

Our Ambassador office is committed to continue to work closely with all the nations on climate change, not only alongside it in international negotiations, but also as a key partner – providing support for mitigation and adjusting, and on the implementation of the Paris Agreement – the next big challenge.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

I want to welcome you this evening not only to the Europe Day Reception, but also to our exhibition showcasing our engagement in tourism, trade and development across the world.

With WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION and WORLD CAPITAL OF CULTURE AND TOURISM programs we succeeded in the last ten years to bring over 6 billion euro investments in tourism, development and growth sector in Africa and Asia and we created more than 100.000 jobs in tertiary sectors of all the countries that have being supported by EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE and EUROPEAN TOURISM ACADEMY programs.

 I would like to thank all our development implementing partners for their contributions to the exhibition and for their efforts.

I hope that everyone will take time to discover the breadth and depth of the EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE co-operation with developing world.


I would like to express my gratitude in particular to key partners of ours in this day, as DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE who offered you not only wonderful gifts but provided you with a symbol of what Europe stand`s for culture like Salvador Dali works and the joy of living embodied by wonderful perfumes and also a word of gratitude to our European Diplomatic Wine`s partners like HOUSE OF PANCIU who unveiled for you the best European sparkling wines and HOUSE OF WINES COTNARI who had offered you the gift of incredible European wines.

A word of gratitude to the 23 masters of pastry and cakes, who created the incredible cakes that we will taste tonight.

I will no longer stay between you and the incredible cake awaiting us!

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy Europe Day!

Bbahut Dhanyawad, Shukran, Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Danke.”