On 3 of November 2014, the presentation of the candidature program of Kingdom of Jordan for 2015-World Best Tourist Destination Award had taken place.

The President of European Council on Tourism and Trade, Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea express his heart-felt congratulation on the registering of Jordan as a World Best Tourist Destination Award candidate, a perfect moment in increasing the international standing of the country.

The candidatures of capital city of Amman and the archaeological site of Jerash as World Capital of Culture and Tourism for 2015 are also important moments in world branding the country.

H.E. Jordan Ambassador Sakker Malcavi that underlined that between Europe and Jordan we can observe a large area of common interests , designed to forge a good understanding  between the two nations.


President-Kingdom of Jordan

 Friendly meeting between Prof. Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade and H.E. Sakker Malcavi, Ambassador of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The European – Jordanian relationship must be an example for a better relation between Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

If in the last period the bilateral dialogue, especially economic and tourism cooperation with this area was faltering, now it is an auspicious moment for reconstructing and rebuilding this framework of dialogue and friendship with the support of the highest tourism organization in the world-European Council on Tourism and Trade, appreciated ambassador Sakker Malcavi outlining his appreciation for the encouragement`s offered by Prof.Dr.Anton Caragea and had stated that the vision of developing and fostering new economic, politic and cultural relations between Europe and Jordan is a shared vision.

Jerash city


The dialogue had continued on concrete aspects and analyses of economic, political and cultural bilateral relations and on ways of fostering this dialogue on to the future after the competitions for World Best Tourist Destination Award and World Capital of Culture and Tourism.

Kingdom of Jordan is a perfect tourist destination that is encapsulating cultural and historical patrimony, beautiful scenic landscapes, and a perfect share of the Red Sea Riviera stated President Anton Caragea.

Especially important was the common analysis of the region problems and evolution`s and the shared vision in a Middle East free of terrorism menaces, living in peace and development, a vision that drive`s Jordan and European Council on Tourism and Trade towards tourism and economic cooperation with a mutual goal.

I wish full success to Jordan candidature for World Best Tourist Destination Award and World Capital of Culture and Tourism, concluded ECTT President.


The dialogue led the foundations of a successful diplomatic mandate and fostering the relations between European Council on Tourism and Trade and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and constitutes a promise for re-launching world tourism towards Jordan in the nearest future.